34-Fuso Rosa School Bus

School Buses used in the UAE are typically Yellow in color, which is made to stand out, look different on the road and can be spotted easily. The authorities in the UAE are striving towards digitalizing all the school buses for safety reasons. A GPS and live cameras ensures traceability and security in the buses.



Few Points to keep in mind:

  1. School Buses must be painted Yellow, with big bold writings in order to stand out on the road.
  2. Camera’s should be installed. A minimum of two cameras is a must in a school bus.
  3. Seat belts are mandatory.
  4. There must be a stop board at the side of a bus to safeguard the students while entering and exiting the bus.
  5. Fire Exits incase of emergencies.


More About the 34-Seater Fuso Rosa School Bus:

  • 34 seats including drivers seat
  • 26 basic seats + 7 folding seats + 1 seat for driver
  • High back fabric seats with 3-point lap sash seatbelts.
  • Vinyl seat fabric option.
  • Automatic swing plug passenger door.

The prices vary from emirate to emirate. The prices of a 34-Seater Fuso Rosa School Bus are listed below:

  • DUBAI:  AED 8,500/ Month
  • SHARJAH: AED 7,000/ Month
  • AJMAN: AED 7,000/ Month


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