Employee Shuttle & Corporate Transportation Services

by | Sep 16, 2020

Why arcab?

arcab helps with corporate transportation services from employees to organizations. You can be guaranteed that your employees travel securely and show up to work each day! Our reservation team is accessible every minute of every day at +971 55 2038291, contact us to learn more about the services we provide.

Our Long-Term Shuttle Services for Employee Transportation services

Not only one-and-done trips and short rentals, arcab also offers long term contracts for employee transportation services.

Commuter transports are known to decrease traffic and improve employee productivity and efficiency once they arrive at the workplace. With a transport available to them, they can invest less energy worrying over traffic, and additional time for catching up with emails, messages and call while traveling (You need WiFi? We can get you WiFi).

Call 971 55 203 8291 today for a chat with our reservation group, and let arcab provide you with a protected and proficient every day transportation services to your office!

An Alternative to Public Transportation

With a private transportation service, you don’t simply get the opportunity to figure out where your bus goes and when it shows up. You additionally have authority over how regularly surfaces are sanitized , how far your staff must sit, and what safety precautions everyone must take to organize the wellbeing of your workers. Regardless of what number of individuals you have to carry, arcab will be your supplier of secure, solid transportation you can rely on.

Multiple Transportation Solutions

Regardless of whether your employees need solid transportation to and from work each day, or a temporary transport around sites, or client meeting elsewhere , we’ll gladly help mastermind a circuit that meets your requirements. You’ll get the opportunity to assemble a custom route that runs on your demand at your favored timetable and administrations your office solely.

Productive On-Board Amenities

Employees can complete some additional work done with WiFi and electrical plugs accessible in response to popular demand. Your van can likewise work as a collaborative mobile workspace, permitting employees to share thoughts, plan for upcoming introductions, and remain current on industry news while they travel. On the other hand, workers can set aside some time to unwind with reclining seats (available on demand)

Employee Shuttle Services in Your City

arcab provides employee transportation services all over the UAE.

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